Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “I am gay.”

A tweet from early in 2017 from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is resurfacing around the web.

“As a New Yorker – I am a Muslim, I am Jewish, I am black, I am gay, I am disabled, I am a woman seeking to control her health and her choices,” says in the video, which he tweeted from his personal account.

In reality, Cuomo is none of those things, but he makes outlandish statements like that to pretend to show solidarity with the “plight” of his minority constituents.

In fact, the social justice warrior and brother of CNN host Chris Cuomo represents the worst of the radical left, which puts victimhood on a pedestal.

Cuomo’s website is filled with social justice propaganda:

“As Washington’s Federal Assault Continues, The Empire State Will Lead the Way – Strengthening Critical Social and Economic Policies and Serving as a Beacon of Progress, Unity and Fairness for the Nation,” it says.

Perhaps I’ve missed Washington’s “federal assault” on state of New York, but maybe someone should point out to Governor Cuomo that New York is President Trump’s home state. It does not even make sense that he would make it a target.

The site boasts that it has a “First-in-the-Nation Plan to Fight the Federal Tax Assault; Multi-Pronged Women’s Agenda; and the Nation’s Most Progressive Criminal Justice Reforms.”

Apparently, the assault Cuomo describes relates to Trump’s massive tax cuts for the middle class. Cuomo has a net worth of $5 million. Perhaps he will personally write a check to the IRS this tax season, which they will gladly accept.

The left continues to move further towards Lenin, pushing the message of cultural Marxism and inspiring hatred through race and class warfare.

This is not a political party of sane people, but rather one whose desperate tactics to appeal to minority voters have become readily transparent.

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