Gov. DeSantis says “CRT, Wokeness ‘Very Unpopular Wherever It’s Been Tried’

REUTERS/Joe Skipper/File

The Governor of Florida tour into Critical Race Theory and Wokeness yet again, noting that Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “woke” culture are “denigrating” the country.

Speaking at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida, DeSantis took aim at the left’s attempts to distract the American people from President Biden’s failed policies with wokeness.

Governor DeSantis stated “If you look at what CRT and ‘woke’ is doing, it is pitting people against each other based on race, which is wrong. It’s also denigrating our country, and so it’s been very unpopular wherever it’s been tried,”

DeSantis continued “And so we want to make sure people can go to school without being scapegoated or without being targeted, and I think that’s where the vast, vast majority of people want to be,” he said, noting that it is “telling” that leftists often need to manufacture fake narratives, which he said shows they do not have policies they can “put up that are going to be very effective.” 

Governor DeSantis has called out the Woke Mob, CRT and Cultural Marxists on numerous occasions. In the past he has actually used the term cultural Marxism a plague which has advanced through many of the institutions in American life.

These remarks are very important in pushing back against woke culture. Several school districts across the country are  embracing the Black Lives Matter school starter kit, which demands the “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics” while promoting “globalism” and “transgender affirming” commitments. This is indeed Cultural Marxism and a strategy by globalists and leftists to undermine American society.

With ideas like these being taught and on the rise it’s very important to have Republicans like Ron DeSantis pushing back on this insanity.

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