Gov. Ron DeSantis Lays Out Five-Point Plan for States to Fight Biden’s Illegal Immigration Epidemic

On Saturday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis laid out a five-point plan for state agencies to combat the record-setting resettlement of illegal migrants under President Joe Biden.

DeSantis’ plan involves a zero tolerance approach for cheap labor organizations that partner with Biden’s federal government to transport and resettle illegals in Florida. The Florida Governor envisions barring state agencies from contracting with cheap labor organization involved in illegal migrant resettlement programs, as well as airlines and bus companies that facilitate the actual movement of the illegals from the southern border to Florida.

Cheap labor groups could also be held liable for costs incurred by Florida taxpayers under his plan. Florida already has statewide E-verify in place, but DeSantis envisions further strengthening it to prevent corporate scofflaws from skirting rules intended to block the hiring and employment of illegals. The Florida justice system would also collect information on the immigration status of arrestees and convicts under his plan.

DeSantis is codifying the pro-American state immigration reforms through the use of an emergency rule enacted on Saturday, and through legislation he intends to present during the Florida legislature’s next session in January.

With the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security unwilling to act in the interests of Americans under Biden’s reign, the imperative has fallen upon states to deter and prevent illegal immigration. Texas has pioneered the charging of illegal migrants with trespassing charges for entering the state, deterring drug and human smugglers from utilizing the Rio Grande Valley as a crime scene. A candidate for Arizona Attorney General has suggested adopting a similar approach, potentially compelling illegals to exclusively enter the country in liberal states such as California and New Mexico.

DeSantis has earlier proposed to resettle migrants dumped in Florida in Delaware, the luxury-white-liberal state that’s home to President Joe Biden’s personal palace.

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