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Gov. Ron DeSantis Puts Anti-E-Verify Republicans On Notice

Some Republicans want to water down the proposal.



As a battle over a strong statewide E-Verify law heats up in Tallahassee, Florida Governor Rick DeSantis is cautioning Republicans who seek to neuter the law over the ire they’ll face from conservative voters.

Florida is set to pass a E-Verify law that will prevent businesses from hiring illegal immigrants as workers. Currently in the Florida Senate committee process, big business interests are seeking to institute special exemptions for industries that commonly hire illegals.

DeSantis is pushing back hard against the effort to put free passes in the legislation for the agricultural industry. Another area of contention is over the law’s enforcement mechanism. Elements seeking to neuter the Florida E-Verify system want employers to merely promise they aren’t hiring illegals, as opposed to making them definitively prove it.

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DeSantis was clear about warning Republicans who try to neuter the e-Verify proposal when speaking to the press outside of the state capital on Wednesday.

DeSantis’ warning to Republicans who tacitly support giveaways of cheap labor and non-enforcement of immigration law should be taken seriously by any legislator who considers themselves a conservative, and relies upon a conservative constituency.

Senator Tom Lee, who represents Florida’s 20th district, is cautioning that Governor DeSantis could veto the entire bill and force lawmakers to start over if they stuff it full of exemptions for scofflaw big business interests. He says that the effort to make employers merely promise to hire illegals is no different than instituting an impotent “honor system.”

The law currently will mandate that businesses in Florida verify their employees’ legal status by July of 2022.

Border Security

Border Patrol Arrests More Aliens at Border in February Than Any Year Since 2006

America Last.



Customs and Border Patrol detained more aliens at the southern border in February than any other year since 2006. Nearly 100,000 aliens were arrested last month, according to CBP officials who spoke to Reuters. February isn’t usually a big month for crossings at the southern border, with migrants instead usually preferring to try to enter the United States in the spring and summer months.

The surge in illegal immigration directly follows President Joe Biden’s embrace of “America Last” border and asylum policies. It’s hard to tell if the majority of the aliens remain in detention, have been set free into the country, or have been deported under coronavirus expulsion policies. Biden has all but abolished immigration detention for illegals who have been in the United States for an extended period of time, but the rules surrounding migrants who have been recently caught at the southern border are entirely unclear.

CBP officials are expecting 13,000 unaccompanied minors to arrive at the southern border in the month of May alone, presenting a crisis for an administration that has refused to respond to a surge of illegal migration with anything other than promises of residency, welfare benefits, and taxpayer-funded services.

On Wednesday, CBP apprehended more than 4,500 migrants on a single day, a figure that may very well represent a March record. Less arrests usually mean less aliens are infiltrating the borders, a phenomenon that President Trump’s “America First” immigration policies deterred through a combination of border wall, ‘Remain in Mexico’ asylum policies, and swift deportations of illegals.

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The Biden administration has refused to consider any buffed border policies to deter new waves of illegal migrants, with ‘caravan’ style formations of thousands of migrants likely to arrive in the spring and the summer. Asylum seekers have appeared at the southern border wearing Biden campaign shirts, touting the establishment politician’s staunch loyalty to illegal immigrants over working and middle-class American citizens.

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