Government Workers Learn How To Get Private-Sector Jobs, Contribute To Economy

Government employees who are not getting paid due to the government shutdown are now finding meaningful ways to make themselves useful in this country, including driving for ride-sharing companies including Uber.

“With the government shutdown, you have more people working for the government doing Uber, and for the full-time Uber drivers, that is really affecting us too, and our money,” driver Nate Murrell told WJLA.

The government shutdown, then, has not only underscored the need for a southern border Wall, but has also proven to be an educational experience for people, taking them out of their humdrum lives as paper-pushing government bureaucrats and teaching them about supply and demand and how to provide value to other people.

It would seem quite un-dignified to go through life being known as “non-essential,” with a steady paycheck but with a ceiling over one’s head. Many taxpayers are not happy about the amount of federal dollars that pay to subsidize the non-essential individuals in our government.

Perhaps some of these government workers might also apply to trade school to learn skills like welding or plumbing. Perhaps some of them can go to work building decks. Whatever they choose to do with their new opportunity is up to them. But they should obviously be very grateful to President Donald Trump for teaching them how to improve themselves, and in effect improve society as a whole.

See, sometimes good things do happen in the news!


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