Governor Brian Kemp Bans Moving Confederate Monuments From Their Places of Honor

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill Friday at a ceremony in Chickamauga banning Confederate monuments from being moved from their places of honor to re-education facilities like the kind proposed for “Silent Sam,” the fallen watchman of the University of North Carolina campus.

Kemp will not allow such travesties to occur in the state of Georgia, and his new law creates the opportunity for elected officials in Georgia communities to sue people who damage the state’s monuments — they can be sued for up to three times the cost of the damage.

“This bill will make a lasting impact on countless Georgians,” Governor Kemp stated as he signed the historic bill into law.

Americans of all stripes and colors object to the destruction of American history to serve a totalitarian agenda that seeks to erase the past in order to keep us subservient to the freedom-wary present and, perhaps, a freedomless future. Republican Brian Kemp made a bold stand against progressive authoritarianism, and more American leaders might see fit to follow suit.

I reported from North Carolina:

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