Governor Dunleavy Offers Trump Alaska National Guard To Protect Southern Border

Alaska National Guard Border Wall

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy offered President Donald J. Trump the use of the Alaska National Guard to protect U.S.-Mexico border, calling the situation at the unprotected border a crisis.

“Today I notified the White House that Alaska and our National Guard, if called upon, stand ready to support the national security crisis at the southern border,” said Dunleavy in a statement recorded last weekend.

He continued, “While the southern border may seem far away and distant, this crisis is real, and a potential threat to every American, including Alaskans.”

“I look forward to our congressional delegation and Alaskans joining me to support our president’s mission to secure our borders.”

The Alaska National Guard includes both the 176th Wing and 168th Wing, offering President Trump the potential addition of 3,000 or more soldiers to guard the border until the wall is built, though reports indicate they have have not yet been called into action.

The statement was published after President Trump declared a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border last week, using the declaration to free up previously unused funds for construction of the border wall.

Other states, including California, have announced lawsuits to prevent President Trump from building the wall or defending the border, causing the president to come out swinging in defense of the national emergency declaration.

Big League Politics reported:

President Donald Trump laid out a strong Oval Office defense Tuesday for his “absolute right” to declare a national emergency to finish building the southern border Wall. Partisan lawsuits will probably lead us to the Supreme Court, where Barack Obama protected his health care takeover in 2012, and where Trump has a pretty good chance of protecting his Wall given the recent seating of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump has even said that he plans to utilize one of Obama’s national emergencies to combat drug cartels as one piece of his comprehensive Wall plan.

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