Governor Glenn Youngkin Criticizes Proposal to Delete Benjamin Franklin From History Curriculum

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is criticizing a radical leftist proposal to change Virginia’s history curriculum.  

“We have to slow down,” Youngkin said to 7News on August 20, 2022.

According to a 7News report, the references to George Washington as “the father of our country” and James Madison as the “father of the Constitution” have apparently been removed from history curriculum standards. In addition, the word “succession” was used twice in place of “secession” in the proposal.

“The previous [Northam] administration had appointed all of the folks on those committees, we see not just mistakes but errors in this aspiration to have a history and social sciences curriculum that teaches all history, the good and the bad, and in fact, accurately reflects it,” Youngkin said to 7News. “And for the father of our country, George Washington, to no longer be called the father of our country, and for the father of our Constitution, James Madison to no longer be called the father of our Constitution are just two small glaring errors that are going to have to be fixed. So I was very pleased. I was pleased that the State Board of Education stepped back, granted additional time for further review before these most important history curriculum standards are released for public comment. We’re doing our work. That’s why Virginians granted us the license to lead last year. We are in fact going to do the work and make sure that we have the best history curriculum in the nation.”

In the present, Virginia’s history curriculum guidelines recommend that public schools teach students about how Benjamin Franklin and Christopher Columbus greatly impacted Americans and the broader North American civilization.

Per the 7News report, the proposed changes would get rid of Franklin and Columbus from the history curriculum standards. Instead, Franklin and Columbus would be replaced with opportunities to “incorporate into the local curriculum using learning experiences.”

On top of that, these proposed changes would scrap a section that states students will “demonstrate knowledge of Virginia history by describing important events and people in the history of the Commonwealth, including famous Virginians, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who helped form a new nation.”

“We want to be the standard of excellence in telling the entire history of our state, our nation, the good and the bad,” Youngkin continued. “And recognizing that we cannot misrepresent the role of our founding fathers in getting this extraordinary nation moving in a way, started in a way that reflects the values of America. Listen, this country was founded by imperfect men in pursuit of a more perfect union. And the tremendous strides that we have made cannot be ignored and we can do that while telling all of our history the good and the bad.”

The whole goal here is to erase American history. Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies and home to some of America’s greatest leaders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. The Left gets the cultural symbolism here and that’s why culturally leftist activists are obsessed with sullying Virginia’s history. 

The cultural Left first started by attacking the Confederates and removing their monuments. That was just step one. Now they’re going for the main prize — the founding generation. Should the Left have its way, it will make sure to delete America’s history and ensure that this nation’s founders disappear into the ether. 

From that point forward, America will cease to be a coherent nation and function more as a shopping mall with nukes. That’s what is at stake in the present. 

Governor Youngkin is correct to criticize this proposal. However, the Right must be ready to fight back and use state governments to protect and preserve all historical monuments that the Left wants to destroy.

The days of persuasion are over. The Right has to start mobilizing and building de facto armies of patriots to make the cultural Left sweat profusely.

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