Governor Greg Abbott SLAMS ‘Reprobate’ Congress as He Deploys 1,000 Troops at the Texas Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called Congress a “group of reprobates” before deploying 1,000 troops of the Texas Army National Guard on June 21, 2019.

The other members of the Texas “Big Three”, House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, were also not pleased with Congress’s inaction on the matter.

The leaders issued their following thoughts on the matter:

Congress is a group of reprobates for not addressing the crisis on our border.”

— Gov. Abbott

“It is time for Congress to quit denying this is a crisis and address the problem.”

— Lt. Governor Patrick

“Shame on Congress if they won’t do their job.”

— Speaker Bonnen

The Texas leaders were in agreement with their frustration towards the U.S. Congress and its feckless behavior in addressing the rising number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.

Governor Greg Abbott told the press, “In the past 3 weeks alone, more than 45,000 people have been apprehended crossing the southern border.”

Governor Abbot, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen were alongside Major General Tracy Norris of the Texas Army National Guard when the Texas Governor decided to deploy 1,000 troops to the southern border

The political trio highlighted the 45,000 migrants coming from 52 different countries as justification for this action.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans on opening two new holding facilities in the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso.

Patrick stressed, “The massive increase in illegal immigration — on pace to exceed a million people this year — has been an emergency for months and Texas must continue to do everything we can to help secure our border.”

Given their affinity for open borders, the Texas Democrat Party released a statement right after the announcement, declaring,“Deploying 1000 new troops to the border is reckless, unnecessary, and further serves to harm our relationships with our strategic allies in Central America and Mexico.”

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman James Dickey praised the Texas government’s move saying in a statement, “The Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker [have taken] the responsibility seriously to secure our border in a humanitarian manner in spite of the Democrat-led House of Representatives refusing to engage in meaningful immigration reform.”

House Speaker Bonnen praised this move as “yet another example of Texas stepping up and filling in the gaps where the federal government has fallen short.”

In conclusion, Abbot stated, “The crisis at our southern border is unlike anything we’ve witnessed before and has put an enormous strain on the existing resources we have in place.”

According to a statement from the Governor, the federal government will shoulder all the costs associated with Texas’ deployment.

This deployment demonstrates that Congress does not take the border crisis seriously, while Texas, on the other hand, does.


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