Governor Gregg Abbott Recalls Texas National Guard from DC After Troops Housed in Parking Lot

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the commander of the Texas National Guard to return a detachment of troops sent from the state for the Washington DC Inauguration, following reports that troops had been kicked out of housing inside the Capitol to a parking lot.

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi ultimately agreed to the lodging of the troops at the Capitol. The troops were previously seen housed inside a great lobby, and were booted out sometime after Wednesday.

The parking lot represents the second slight of Guardsmen present for security duties at the Inauguration. Previous reports had suggested that every single one of the soldiers, who numbered in the tens of thousands, were being probed by the FBI for any connection to conservative ideology. Twelve service members were sent home, although it’s totally unclear for what reasons. A background investigation into the troops may have found a handful with active arrest warrants, without any connection to so-called militias or right-wing extremist organizations.

Governor Abbott had previously expressed displeasure upon learning that men and women of the Texas National Guard were being probed for political loyalty to the Biden government.

Guardsmen who described being evicted to the parking lot as DC weather approaches freezing temperatures, described feeling “betrayed,” revealing they weren’t told why they were required to lodge outside the confines of the Capitol building.

Congressman Madison Cawthorn arrived at the congressional parking lot to deliver food to the troops garrisoned there sometime Thursday night.

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