GQ Correspondent Feels Less Safe in America Than Russia, She Says

Monday morning, a GQ correspondent and frequent CNN guest said that she feels unsafe as a journalist in America.

“I have to say, I feel less safe as a journalist in America these days than I ever did in Russia. A lot less safe,” Julia Ioffe said on Twitter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has allegedly orchestrated the deaths of over 200 journalists, which is precisely over 200 more than that of President Donald J. Trump.

But as Ioffe showed later Monday during an appearance on CNN, she is given to hyperbole.

Big League Politics reported:

“This president has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did,” said Julia Ioffe on The Lead with Jake Tapper. “The way he allows these people – the way he winks and nods to these groups, the way he says ‘I know I’m not supposed to say it but I’m a nationalist,’ the way he hems and haws when he has to condemn these people, kind of says ‘fine, okay, I condemn this,’ but then…”

Ioffe was cut off by another panel member who scolded Tapper for not pushing back on the claim. The segment devolved from there, and eventually Ioffe apologized. She begrudgingly apologized later on Twitter, making excuses for her ridiculous hyperbole.

“I clarified and apologized on air, but I’ll say it again here. This has been a very emotional and painful time, but I absolutely should not have gone with such hyperbole on the air. I apologize,” she said.

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