Grand Canyon Offers Biblical Perspective Tour

One of the worlds biggest tourist attractions is offering a Biblical perspective tour on how it was formed.

The Grand Canyon recently celebrated it “100th birthday” on February 26. In honor of its “birthday”, Liftable highlighted Canyon Ministries as the “the only tour company at the Grand Canyon that provides guided tours from a biblical standpoint.”

The Christian tour group teaches about the creation of the Grand Canyon from a Biblical perspective, rather than a secular viewpoint. As opposed to believing that the Grand Canyon was formed over millions of years, the group teaches the story of Creation.

“We believe the account of origins presented in Genesis occurred in the span of six consecutive twenty-four hour days six to ten thousand years ago.

“We believe the great flood of Genesis was an actual historic, global, catastrophic event in its extent and effect. It is this flood that is responsible for the deposition, formation, and subsequent sculpturing of much of the earth’s geologic record as we know it today.”

Director of Rim Tour Operations at Canyon Ministries Nate Looper explains to Liftable their viewpoint on how the Canyon was created, “We also believe there was a global flood as the Bible later describes. This flood was the primary mechanism for the worldwide distribution of water-laid sedimentary rock layers, along with the massive death and burial scientists call the fossil record.”

“As these trapped waters continued to fill the Colorado Plateau from melting glacial ice, streams, and rivers, this water breached through the southwestern side of the bowl, and catastrophic exponential drainage of the breached dam created a large crack or ‘drainage ditch’ we now see as the Grand Canyon.”

While the tour group is dedicating to spreading the Biblical teachings of Creation, they have a higher overall goal.

“We are a team committed to Christ, and enthusiastic about sharing the gospel through the biblical message of the Grand Canyon to all who will listen.”


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