Grand Theft Auto Goes Woke for Sixth Installment, Bans Offensive Jokes, Adds Female Minority Protagonist

Rockstar Games has announced that their signature video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto, is going woke for its sixth installment.

The GTA franchise is renowned for its edgy and offensive social commentary, but that will be no more. They will have a female minority protagonist for their next game and will be phasing out jokes that might offend hypersensitive joyless liberals.

Bloomberg reported that Rockstar is changing its “frat boy’ culture that has resulted in GTA being perhaps the most successful video game franchise in history and coddling their staffers more. As a result, the scheduled release for their next game is in limbo, although Rockstar hopes to have it ready by Feb. 2024.

Grand Theft Auto’s transformation is another case of President Trump’s truism, “Everything Woke Turns to Sh*t,” coming to pass:

Big League Politics has reported on consumers rejecting “woke” content more frequently in recent years:

Action movie Terminator: Dark Fate is bombing hard at the box office, as it is expected to rake in only $27.1 million domestically during its first weekend in theatres when the movie cost as much as $196 million to produce.

Factoring in marketing costs and other expenses, the film will need to gross $470 million throughout the world in order to just break even. It is not expected to come close to that mark, in what may be the final death blow to the beleaguered Terminator franchise.

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