Grassroots Gun Rights Coalition Demands an Apology from Dennis Bonnen

Grassroots pro-gun groups in Texas are demanding an apology from House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

The Texas Grassroots Gun Rights Coalition issued a press release on April 23, 2019 “calling for the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Dennis Bonnen, to publicly retract the false statements regarding Constitutional Carry, as well as the lies spread across the national media regarding Mr. Chris McNutt of Texas Gun Rights.”

This coalition of grassroots gun groups is made up Open Carry Texas, Lone Star Gun Rights, Texas Firearms Freedom, Texas Gun Rights, and Veterans for the Preservation of Gun Rights, “represent nearly a half-million Texas gun owners who are concerned about the destruction of gun rights by holding government officials accountable to expanding liberty in the Lone Star State.”

BLP recently covered each stage of this drama from Bonnen’s coordinated smear campaign in the media against Texas Gun Rights Executive Director Chris McNutt to new video footage exposing Dennis Bonnen as a liar.

The Coalition issued a list of items which Speaker Bonnen must apologize for:

  • Misleading Texans about his level of support and commitment to the natural right to bear arms;
  • Appointing anti-gun Democrats as chairmen of committees’ key to gun rights legislation;
  • Falsely labeling organizations of the Coalition as “fringe” and “extremist” in an attempt to divide gun owners;
  • Falsely telling the media that Mr. McNutt appeared at his private residence with the motivation to intimidate and threaten his family;
  • Lying on the Chad Hasty Show by saying that Constitutional Carry “would allow a criminal the ability to carry a gun”;
  • Lying on the Chad Hasty Show by saying that Mr. McNutt “flashed his gun” at staffers in Rep. Dustin Burrows’ district office in Lubbock when it is a proven fact that he was not armed;
  • Refusing to prioritize the number one legislative priority for the Republican Party of Texas.

Last weekend, the Texas Grassroots Gun Rights Coalition was able to acquire body cam footage from the March 27th “incident” that took place in Speaker Bonnen’s neighborhood.

The Coalition was able to get this footage through a Freedom of Information Act request that they made to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The video was released this past weekend and disproves Bonnen’s claims to the media that Chris McNutt’s neighborhood block-walking “was a clear effort to intimidate and threaten.”

The Coalition maintains that Bonnen “fabricated this story in an attempt to fracture the grassroots and generate an excuse to kill the bill he now openly calls “bad policy.”

Although the Coalition does concede that an apology from Bonnen “will not correct the wrong committed by the Speaker, nor will it change his opinion that Constitutional Carry is “bad policy,” taking responsibility for one’s actions is an important first step” and it is their hope that this will put an end to the falsehoods being spread around the media. 


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