Grassroots Leader Calls on Texas GOP to Hold House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Accountable

In an email directed to Texas GOP House Members, Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey, and Republican Party of Texas Leadership, JoAnn Fleming called on them to speak out against current House Speaker Dennis and State Representative Dustin Burrow’s schemes to undermine GOP incumbents.

Fleming is the Executive Director Grassroots America – We the People PAC.

Fleming described the silence of Texas GOP leadership as “deafening”. The email that Fleming sent out serves as a “strong public nudge” in her view.

The Executive Director of Grassroots America commended Michael Quinn Sullivan, Tim Dunn and Empower Texans for bringing to light the audio recording of Bonnen and Burrows’ plot to attack GOP incumbents.

This same recording possibly incriminates Burrows and Bonnen for engaging in bribery, which BLP detailed earlier.  Quinn Sullivan, the CEO of Empower Texans, expressed why he recorded his conversation with Bonnen and Burrows:

This was a private recording for my own protection. I never intended to release the recording to the public because I believe it may damage innocent bystanders—most notably the Republican Party of Texas and Republican politicians (including those with whom I disagree on matters of policy or philosophy). Many do not deserve to be associated with Dennis Bonnen’s approach to politics. Bonnen said things in the meeting I expect the Democrats will use against Republicans generally. And if the Democrats use the recording effectively, that could ultimately be harmful to Texas taxpayers.

Quinn Sullivan has threatened to release the recording if Bonnen and Burrows continue to spread misinformation about their encounter with Quinn Sullivan.

Fleming declared that the ball is in the GOP leaders’ court.

She expanded:

Whether or not you like MQS or agree with him, Mr. Dunn or Empower Texans is immaterial — so stop acting like you are running in a popularity contest for 5th grade class president. Lead on what is substantive — on what is true and right and good and decent.

She also made it clear that there is no middle road on this issue.

You owe it to the people you represent to hear the evidence and then land on one side or the other of this mess. There is no middle ground.  You either agree with the actions of Bonnen and Burrows or you don’t.

Things do not look well for the Texas GOP at the moment.

Since Constitutional Carry was killed and other key conservative issues were not addressed during the 2019 session of the Texas state legislature, grassroots conservatives have begun to lose faith in their political leadership.

Now, many of their fears are being confirmed with the latest case of GOP corruption.

Indeed, the Texas GOP is resting on its laurels.  From guns rights to business freedom, Texas does remain quite conservative.

However, the recent performance of Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke and the changing demographics of the state show that Texas is transforming politically.

If the Texas GOP doesn’t wake up to this, Texas could become the next California.

For once, GOP leadership will have to actually deliver on their electoral promises, lest they want to become politically irrelevant.

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