Grassroots Revolt Against Conservative Inc. Gains Momentum as More Student Activists Leave TPUSA

The growing revolt against Conservative Inc. continues to build momentum, as another prominent campus activist has left Turning Point USA (TPUSA) due in large part to their weak stance on immigration and their hostility to “America First” patriots.

Andre Bass, who served as Director of Social Media of TPUSA at Colorado State University, publicly announced his resignation on Thursday in a letter he released on social media.

“I am announcing that I will be officially leaving as the Director of Social Media of Turning Point USA at Colorado State University after over a year of filling the role,” Bass wrote.

“I worked with previous leadership to help the club flourish into one of the largest and most recognized chapters in the United States. The chapter stood, as did the national organization, with the principles of free speech, free markets, free thought, and free people,” he added.

However, Bass pointed out that the organization has gone awry in recent years as its founder Charlie Kirk’s national star within the conservative movement has risen.

“Forward to 2019 and my views are treated with disdain from leadership because I have the wrong opinions on the big issues such as my faith and constitutionalist stances. All because I don’t follow in step with how the national leadership expects members to behave,” Bass said.

“We expect that from the Left, we shouldn’t accept that from so-called “conservatives,” especially those that have built their brand fighting against political correctness and censorship. Restrictions on speech don’t bring us together, they divide us,” he added.

Bass was particularly offended after a recent “Culture War” appearance on his campus shut down questioning about Kirk’s support for mass third-world immigration.

“During the CSU hosting of the event, a reasonable question was asked to Kirk about how he/Republicans can be “America First” and justify mass legal immigration, yet the question was suppressed. He’ll debate anyone from the Left, the alleged “opposition,” but silence questions from his side,” Bass explained.

“I wish the chapter the best, as the majority of the TPUSA CSU members are committed and bright individuals, people I’m happy to call friends, with the hope that the organization will recognize how they left their original principles. Until then, I cannot stay with an organization that openly calls out my values,” he concluded.

His full letter can be seen here:

This is part of the grassroots revolt that is fomenting against Conservative Inc., which has recently targeted Kirk as well as neoconservative Congressman Dan “McCain 2.0” Crenshaw (R-TX) with intense questioning about their inconsistent and anti-nationalist policy stances.

The revolt has earned the support of the authentic Right, including #StandWithICE founder Michelle Malkin, who has applauded the efforts of the brave individuals willing to challenge Conservative Inc. at these public events.

The rise of “America First” populists is putting the right-wing griftosphere on notice, and making their weak conservative message seem inauthentic and shallow by comparison. The growing exodus from TPUSA is evidence that the patriots are succeeding in their fight.

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