GREAT RESET: 1% of Americans Now Own More Wealth Than the Entire Middle Class

Federal Reserve data published earlier last week indicates that the wealthiest one percent of Americans now possess more wealth than the entire middle class.

The United States’ economic trend towards an oligarchy accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic, with countless medium and small businesses driven to shutdown and bankruptcy through specious governmental mandates while multi-billion digitized tech companies were given free reign to displace their smaller competition.

In 2021, the wealthiest 1% became wealthier than 60% of Americans, or family units who earn between $27,000 and $141,000 in a year. Oligarchs such as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates- all of them Democrats- were among the greatest wealth gainers from the coronavirus pandemic. (Elon Musk was the only winner from the pandemic not publicly linked to the liberal political establishment.)

Middle class Americans have lost a significant share of national real estate during the pandemic and preceding decades, with their collective holdings declining from 44% in the 90’s to 38% today.

The globalist World Economic Forum has proposed a vision in which the average citizen of a western nation will “own nothing, and be happy,” in a Great Reset that appears to be largely reaching fruition through the pandemic’s forced redistribution of wealth.

The decline in middle-class economic power has coincided with a significant decline in marriages, families and birthrates, with a larger share of young adults unmarried today than at any point in post-war American history. The wealthiest Americans have sought to bring in tens of millions of immigrants from poor countries to fill their desire for cheap labor, replacing the United States’ traditional living-wage workforce.

The United States’ prosperous 20th century was built upon the backs of a healthy and aspirational middle class, and with a notoriously corrupt and widely hated elite content to siphon more wealth and power as the American middle dwindles away, it appears the American system is doomed to continual decline.

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