Greg Steube Stands Firmly Opposed to Magazine Bans

The pro gun control banshees have been shrieking non-stop about passing gun control in the wake of the Buffalo and Uvalde mass shootings. 

This time, Gun Control Inc. is upping the stakes by calling for bans on “high capacity” magazines to tackle America’s so-called gun violence epidemic

Florida Congressman Greg Steube went on Tucker Carlson Tonight on June 2,  2022 to set the record straight on the absurdity of these types of bans. Earlier that day, Steube caught flak for showing various firearms he owns as he was remotely tuning into a House hearing where the topic of gun control was being discussed. 

In his interview with Carlson, Steube said he “was trying to highlight to the American people that isn’t just a magazine ban on rifles…this is every single semi-automatic weapon that takes more than a 10-round magazine would be banned.” 

Steube stressed the hypocrisy of Democratic Party elites like Cori Bush, who rely on private security details to stay safe while calling for mass civilian disarmament. 

The Florida congressman repeated his pro-Second Amendment message on Twitter:

By banning certain magazines, you are effectively banning handguns that millions of Americans use every day to defend themselves and protect their families. And the Democrats know it. 

Thanks @tuckercarlson for having me on tonight.


Steube was one of the courageous State Senators back in 2018 who voted against the bipartisan gun control package that then-Governor Rick Scott signed into law, which included a red flag gun confiscation order and a bump stock ban. Since being elected to the US House in 2018, Steube has served as a strong pro-Second Amendment representative in the US House and is a solid member of the Freedom Caucus. 

In all honesty, with the US heading down the uncharted waters of socio-economic collapse, the more people will need to have some semblance of the right to bear arms in place. The Uvalde shooting demonstrated major incompetence and cowardice on the part of law enforcement, which will naturally make people gravitate more towards private gun ownership for the purpose of self-defense. 

The harsh reality is that as the nation grows more unstable people will need to look for alternative forms of security arrangements. Private ownership for the purpose of self-defense is among the most pragmatic options for millions of lawful Americans. 

Sadly, there are many politicians who don’t understand that and want to deprive lawful individuals of a legitimate way of defending themselves, thereby making them vulnerable to criminals and other hostile actors. 

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