GRENELL’S GAL: Meet the Future of the Pro-LGBT “Conservative” Movement

Former acting director of national intelligence Ric Grenell has caused a rift within the conservative grassroots by going to bat for transgenderism in the Republican Party.

Grenell attacked former Delaware senate candidate Lauren Witzke for standing on behalf of Christian values and articulating viewpoints that have been the core of the Republican Party platform since essentially its inception.

He wrote a tweet inferring that God makes people to be transgender and wants them to cut off their private parts and act contrary to their birth gender.

For his opposition to Christian values, Grenell has earned plaudits from pro-gay media such as LGBT Nation who used the chasm to paint right-wing Christians as evil hate mongers.

“If Grenell hoped to use [Gina] Roberts’ singular experience at the conference as proof that the conservative movement is not as intolerant as they are often shown to be, he had another thing coming. His mentions were immediately filled with transphobic outrage,” LGBT Nation claimed.

Big League Politics has researched into Gina Roberts, the California GOP transgender activist that Grenell is promoting as a model Republican of sorts. Roberts is a pro-gun activist who has a stance on the 2nd Amendment that is firmly in line with traditional Republican values. 

“I belong to numerous pro-gun organizations, NRA, California Rifle and Pistol Association, the San Diego County Gun Owners, Single Action Shooting Society, even several other national level groups.  Why?  I do this because each and every organization has a role to play in saving our cherished right, and far and away the most important one is the NRA,” Roberts said during their unsuccessful run for NRA board.

Additionally, Roberts is a Trump supporter who has gone to bat for the former president against his LGBT critics.

“I find the Trump administration to be probably one of the most logically supportive presidencies,” Roberts said while being interviewed at the Republican National Committee’s quarterly meeting in 2017. “[People say] ‘They’re doing all these horrible things to LGBT people.’ No, they’re not.”

However, on many other issues, Roberts diverges immensely from conservative Republicans. Roberts received an award from the fake news media in San Diego for being “Newsmaker of the Year” in 2017, showing Johnson’s strong ties to the Left in California.

“I’m a great believer of if you don’t like the way things are to participate and try to change things from the inside. It’s very rewarding to serve the community and I love doing it. I love the Kiwanis and all of the service clubs in town are very cool,” Roberts said about their community activism.

Last year, Roberts became the first transgender Republican elected to public office as a Valley Center Fire Protection District Member. RINOs and far-left socialists gushed about Roberts on their successful campaign after having previously lost a school board race.

“Her being trans shows a strong signifier … that people are starting to understand that trans is OK. Doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, progressive. It doesn’t really matter,” said Josie Caballero, a transgender pro-Bernie Sanders Democrat who has run for state house in California.

“I want to congratulate Gina, and look forward to getting together after all the votes have been counted in our many close races in California,” said Jessica Millan Patterson, chair of the California Republican Party.

To get elected in California, Roberts jettisoned the economic policies typically associated with Republicans and adopted socialist pro-tax economics. Roberts lobbied unsuccessfully for the passage of Measure AA, a ballot initiative to increase property taxes to build more fire stations. Roberts lamented that they could not convince enough Republicans to support it.

“Would I be a better governor that Gavin Newsom? Well, I think Pee-wee Herman would be a better governor,” Roberts said about their political ambitions.

However, an op/ed written by Roberts showcased their contempt against Christians and demonstrated their opposition to Republicans in red states. This may be a window into what Roberts’ ideology is really all about.

In the article, Roberts admitted that their beliefs “may be a bit more Libertarian than Republican.” Roberts lamented about how Christians would not surrender to the LGBT agenda and sacrifice their sacred Biblical principles on the altar of tolerance.

“There are people within our party that are using their right to religious freedom, another fundamental right acknowledged in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, to impose their beliefs, their lack of tolerance, their “direction from God and His almighty word as presented in the Bible,” to cause hurt and harm to an entire sub-section of the national population,” Roberts wrote.

I’m referring to the total distain and lack of understanding and denial of freedom for those people loosely referred to as being in the LGBTQIA community — Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Transgender, Queer (Questioning), Intersexed and Asexual,” Roberts added.

Roberts was triggered by Christian conservatives in the south railing against the rise of transgenderism. Roberts even went as far as to celebrate the win of far-left Virginia state delegate Danica Roem – a transgender Democrat – over long-time conservative stalwart Roger Marshall in 2017 on a purely identity politics basis.

“Robert Marshall in his 25 years in the Virginia House is best known for proposing a Transgender Bathroom Law, which died almost instantly in committee, but throughout his campaign he continually referred to his opponent using male pronouns, and generally disrespecting her because she is Transgender,” Roberts whined.

“Simply, Marshall (self-described as the “Chief Homophobe of Virginia”) lost because instead of focusing on the issues in the district, his team focused on Ms. Roem’s gender status and her need to advance the “transgender agenda” and “teaching transgenderism to kindergartners.” Seriously, that is the one thing you attacked? Sorry Mr. Marshall and the people that supported you, but you deserved to lose, you went low and you lost, and because of that the Republican hold on the House of Delegates is tenuous at best,” Roberts added.

Roberts also got on their high horse and criticized Christians for not living up to their own beliefs, despite the fact that Roberts clearly does not hold those beliefs personally.

“If your religion requires that you marginalize others because of how they live their life, you really need to consider that your God is not happy in how you are working in his name; as one of the basic tenets is to, “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37),” Roberts wrote.

“So, folks, if you are in a position in which you are exposed to people of a different belief system or life situation than your own, it’s really okay; it does not affect you directly; it does not detract from your life (unless you let it do so). It is your life; do you wish to spend it hating others or loving others for how they can contribute to the world?” they added.

Roberts’ own personal history raises additional red flags. A profile written by Roberts in 2014 described how they lived a secret double life for years, building a family and lying to them constantly, before eventually putting on a dress and living as a female.

Born Rick Roberts, “Gina” would often dress in women’s clothes as a child. They knew they were different but existing social stigma kept Roberts from indulging in the behavior. Roberts eventually became married and had two children while keeping up appearances with a macho persona that included hobbies like shooting, off-roading and backpacking.

“You try to do anything you can to prove what you aren’t,” Roberts said. “You get married, you have kids, you try to be the ‘ultra dude.’ 

“It’s self-destructive in some sense, because you still have this program running in the back of your mind like, ‘No, that’s not you,’” they added.

The internet eventually allowed Roberts to live a full-blown double life, indulging in the underground LGBT scene, while continuing to maintain the ruse with friends and family.

After finally coming out as a “woman,” Roberts was celebrated ubiquitously throughout California. Globalist crony-capitalist organizations like the Chamber of Commerce support Roberts’ transition because of Roberts’ ability to fundraise from the wealthy LGBT community and their allies.

“It was an exceptional endeavor by Gina and the Kiwanis in raising $3,600,” said Greg Carlson, president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Roberts has been promoted as a symbol of diversity in the GOP ever since announcing their transition. Grenell’s conceptualization of the Republican Party is dominated by individuals such as Roberts. This may not be compatible with the GOP transforming into a populist, America First party that represents what is best for the American worker.

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