Greta Thunberg Claims She Caught the China Virus and is Isolating Herself with Her Dad

Global warming icon Greta Thunberg believes she contracted the China virus.

She then self-isolated at her home with her father.

The climate activist claims to have caught the infection along with her father, actor Svante Thunberg.

Both started experiencing symptoms after going on a recent train tour of Europe together. As a result, they have been isolated for the last few weeks, she stated.

They were travelling throughout Europe before lockdowns were enacted by governments across the continent to tackle the virus.

According to an Instagram post on March 24, 2020, Thunberg said she experienced shivers, a sore throat, a cough, and started feeling tired after travelling with her father from Brussels.

In a video published on the New Scientist the same day, Thunberg claimed her father had “more intense symptoms” such as a fever while she only suffered “mild symptoms.”

She stated:

For the last two weeks I have been isolated and then I got the virus.

I came home from central Europe and then I isolated myself from the beginning, because I thought I might as well as I’ve been on trains…and so I don’t want to put anyone else at risk.

‘But then I started feeling some symptoms after a few days. But the important thing is that I didn’t basically feel that ill.

At the same time my father was feeling much more intense symptoms.

The activist continued:

I didn’t basically feel that I was ill. It could be that I was feeling unusually tired, I was coughing a bit.

That is because I’m not in a risk group, I didn’t get it very seriously. That also is very dangerous because you don’t know you have it.

If I wouldn’t have been for my father getting it at the same time and much more intense than me, I might not even have noticed it that I was sick.

Many people don’t feel symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms, but it can be contagious.

That is something I want to communicate, that many people don’t feel symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms, but it can still be contagious. So you have to really practice social distancing whether you feel ill or not.

On social media, the teenager demanded that young people protect groups at greater risk from the China virus.

Thunberg explained that Swedish patients cannot receive tests for the Wuhan virus unless hospital treatment is needed.

She continued: “So of course I’m not 100 per cent sure I have got it. But it would have been very strange if it would have been something else, because it just fits very… especially with my father’s reaction, it’s exactly fitting with the symptoms.”

Thunberg encouraged young climate activists to help others through the Wuhan virus epidemic and to continue their activism in safe ways.

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