GRIFTER: Ben Shapiro Turns March For Life Into A Cash Grab Complete With Live Ad Readings

Ben Shapiro March For Life Paid Ad

Internet commentator Ben Shapiro used his speaking opportunity at the annual March For Life to record a podcast, complete with advertisements.

Sitting at a desk on stage, Ben Shaprio delivered a speech while hosting an episode of his podcast from the March For Life in Washington, D.C. The speech, podcast combination included Ben Shapiro stopping to read advertisements for tooth brushes, bed sheets, and Internet job searching website ZipRecruiter at the annual pro-life event.

The video, which appeared shaky and dropped out at around 30 minutes into Shapiro’s speech and podcast, showed Shapiro sitting on stage with his signature Daily Wire laptop. In addition to the paid advertisements, the speech featured videos and images to help illustrate his point, which must have been difficult for some of the thousands of attendees to see visually.

Shapiro was at one point joined via phone by Vice President Mike Pence, who offered encouraging words to the crowd about the future of the pro-life movement.

While Shapiro’s debate skills against college students are beyond reproach, many conservatives wonder about his true motivations. Just last month, it was revealed that Shapiro’s public image was finely crafted with the help of a Hollywood producer to better help him reach young conservatives. His stance against President Donald J. Trump’s border wall has also been cited by congressional Democrats as proof that not all conservatives support the president’s agenda.

Last year, Shapiro also famously defended the apparently pro-pedophile Hollywood director James Gunn, who made thousands of tweets on the topics of pedophilia and child sex crimes before being fired from his job working on the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Shapiro is also one of the few well known pundits to remain critical of the form of pro-America capitalism espoused by Tucker Carlson, instead echoing the failed establishment policies that failed the Republican Party in the last decades and century.

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