GROSS: City of Dallas Set to Profit From Whitewashing History

A Robert E. Lee statue that was removed from a Dallas park in 2017 has a new owner.

The bidder, known as “LawDude” bought it for $1,435,000 according to a report from CBS Dallas.

The Associated Press reported on the Lone Star Auctioneers Inc. website’s confirmation that online bidding for the sculpture ended on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

This auction will allow the city to recoup the funds it spent to remove the statue, but should leave more money in the city’s coffers than before removal.

This statue removal was met with considerable backlash as CBS Dallas reported in 2017.

Right after the Dallas City Council took a vote to remove the statue, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans was granted a restraining order that blocked the removal.

However, a judge threw out the restraining order that Hiram Patterson, the Sons of Confederate Veterans member in question, requested. The judge argued that Patterson hadn’t proven how the removal of the monument violated free speech rights nor could he prove that the City of Dallas removed it without respecting due process.

Statue removals are in vogue these days. BLP reported that activists are working to remove a John Calhoun statue from Marion Square in Charleston, South Carolina.

These statue removals efforts are part of a larger campaign to advance political correctness culture in America. By removing monuments, the Left is ensuring that any type of movement that is inspired by certain landmarks of American history will have trouble rallying its base.

A society that does not recognize its history is essentially rootless.

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