Group of Deep State Agents Use The Dark Web To Plot Their Attacks on Trump


Revelations that the FBI convened a “Secret Society” meeting the day after the election to plan attacks against newly-elected President Donald Trump highlight a significant phenomenon that has occurred routinely during the Trump Era: Deep State agents colluding in private to undermine the presidency.

These agents use, in at least one case, a encrypted Dark Web app to plot their moves against Trump. Big League Politics reported:

Deep State intelligence operatives are using secret back-channels to plot their moves against President Donald Trump.

Messages on the ‘Dark Web’ have identified five individuals who routinely hold group chats on the Gliph secure messaging app. In the conversations, the intelligence agents clearly conspire to leak damaging information about the Trump White House.

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A ‘Dark Web’ identity known as FreshCamel told Third Estate News Group that he/she picked up private Gliph conversations between five people that he/she says are intelligence agents. FreshCamel did this by getting into a top FBI official’s computer through a Phishing email. FreshCamel says that the five-person group talks for 45 minutes a day about four times per week.

The handles that the Deep State operatives use are: Dooku, Severus, Huck, Roger, and Juules. Other agents are also involved in some conversations, but those are the main five, according to FreshCamel.

Below is a screenshot of one of these conversations, which was held on May 17, the very same day that Robert Mueller was announced as the special investigator in the alleged Trump-Russia collusion case. According to Third Estate News Group, the signifier “RR” stands for Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, while “MF” stands for Michael Flynn. The conversation occurred on the same day that The New York Times ran a story headlined, “Trump Team Knew Flynn Was Under Investigation Before He Came to White House,” about Flynn’s Turkish lobbying work.


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