Group That Sued Brian Kemp For Suppressing Voter Registrations Failed To Hand In People’s Voter Registrations

Asian Americans Advancing Justice — Atlanta filed suit against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, alleging that Georgia’s “exact match” verification process for determining voter eligibility constitutes voter suppression. But the group is now coming under its own harsh criticism for literally forgetting to hand in a stack of people’s voter registrations.

Some voter registrations in Georgia failed the “exact match” process, which requires Social Security and driver information to match voter registration information, and so those registrations were held for review by Kemp’s office prior to Election Day. This angered liberals.

Vox reported on November 2: “On October 12, a coalition of civil rights groups — including the Georgia NAACP, the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice–Atlanta — filed a lawsuit calling for an end to the exact match program, noting that it has disproportionately affected voters of color. Kemp’s secretary of state office defended the pending registrations, argued that voters will still be able to cast a ballot if they present identification at the polls.”


But Asian Americans Advancing Justice seems to have engaged in some voter suppression itself, however inadvertent.

13 WMAZ reports:

A few students at Mercer University will not be able to vote in Georgia after a civil rights organization did not register them.

Bronwyn James and Julia Swain are two students from Mercer’s Townsend School of Music. They and other music performance students registered to vote with an organization that was canvassing outside of ZBeans Coffee back in September.

A group of us got together to register at the stand, then a few weeks later, we went to the polling station to vote, and the registration volunteers let us know that we weren’t in the system,” Swain said.

The group of students had registered with Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, a civil rights advocacy group. The organization was supposed to deliver the applications to the Secretary of State’s office, but several students’ applications never made it.

“They informed us that basically one of the rank-and-file people had missed a stack to send in and the rest of us, almost all of our group of friends that had gone, our papers had just been passed over,” James said.

The AAAJA Executive Director, Stephanie Cho, said that the organization fired the person responsible and immediately took steps to resolve the issue for each student, including multiple calls and emails. Many students were eventually put on the roll, but a few like James and Swain were not.

Cho said that the organization reached out to Swain specifically on November 1st to remedy her issue, but had not heard from her since then. Both Swain and James are still registered to vote in their respective states of Illinois and Washington, but they will not have the opportunity to have their voices heard in Georgia this election.

13 WMAZ passage ends

Despite left-wing accusations that Brian Kemp is suppressing votes, the Democrats are actually under investigation for allegedly hacking the Georgia voter registration system. Kemp’s office is investigating, based on what he says is real evidence of cyber-security breaches.

Channel 11 reports:

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office issued an update Sunday afternoon to its initial statement which had accused the state’s Democratic Party of what it called a “failed attempt to hack the state’s voter registration system.”

Georgia Democratic Party officials, challenging the assertion by Secretary of State and current Republican nominee for governor Brian Kemp, said the secretary “has a long history of failing to protect the security” of the state’s election’s system.

Kemp’s office said it had launched a formal investigation on Saturday into the state’s Democratic Party and had alerted the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the second statement, the secretary’s office said they had opened an investigation after they received information “from our legal team about failed efforts to breach the online voter registration system and My Voter Page. We are working with our private sector vendors and investigators to review data logs. We have contacted our federal partners and formally requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate these possible cyber crimes.”

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