The Guardian: ‘Children Do Not Belong To Their Parents’

The impending death of baby Charlie Gard proves that Sarah Palin was correct when she warned about the “death panels” that would preside over government-run health care, determining who gets to live and who gets “allowed to die.”

The Left, ever tone-deaf, has decided to advocate for the death of a child.

The left-wing newspaper The Guardian published an op-ed Monday stating that children do not belong to their parents.

Writer Ian Kennedy opines (emphasis added):

“I’m sure that those who have involved themselves in the case of Charlie Gard would applaud what happened in Auckland. But if they do, they would also have to acknowledge a number of things that have been part of our approach to the care of children since the 19th century. The first is the most fundamental: as a society, we must choose how to decide such heartbreaking cases. Of course each child is different, but do we accept that there should be principles and rules, whatever the circumstances, that guide us as we try to work out what’s best? We can, of course, reject such a view and choose to go with the heart and emotions. But if we do, whose heart should prevail when there are conflicting views? Where there is conflict, how do you resolve it? Alternatively, we can reason our way through, cold as this may appear. We can accept the idea of principles and rules. And, if reason is to prevail, you need to analyse how to proceed.

These are the steps. The first is to recognise that children do not belong to their parents. Second, when a claim is made that parents have rights over their children, it is important to step back and examine the language used. We need to remind ourselves that parents do not have rights regarding their children, they only have duties, the principal duty being to act in their children’s best interests. This has been part of the fabric of our law and our society for a long time. Third, if we are concerned with the language of rights, it is, of course, children who have rights; any rights that parents have exist only to protect their children’s rights.

Now, in giving effect to a child’s rights, the parents’ views as to their children’s interests should usually be respected. But parents cannot always be the ultimate arbiters of their children’s interests. If parents, for example, insist on subjecting their child to a particular diet that, in the view of others with acknowledged expertise in the subject, will cause the child harm, we do not stand by. We intervene to safeguard the child.”

Below this abominable op-ed, the Guardian includes an appeal for donations with the line
we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading the Guardian than ever but advertising revenues across the media are falling fast. And unlike many news organisations, we haven’t put up a paywall – we want to keep our journalism as open as we can. So you can see why we need to ask for your help.”

Sarah Palin has been leading prayers for the government’s young victim.

Fights with the European Council of Human Rights prevented the child from receiving the experimental care he needed in the United States for his treatable Mitchondrial disease, and even the Vatican — responding to the crisis of a Catholic child seen wearing a St. Jude medallion for “lost causes” — initially threw the boy under the bus.

The baby’s own lawyer Victoria Butler-Cole — appointed by a state organization — is the chairwoman of Compassion in Dying, sister organization of the pro-euthanasia advocacy group Dignity in Dying. Her pro-euthanasia efforts even earned her an honorific title: “Lawyer of the Week.” 

Clearly, the European Union’s socialized medicine programs come hand in hand with the government’s ability to decide whether its citizens live or die.

Gard’s father Chris released a statement Monday making clear that American and Italian doctors could have saved his son, but battles with government doomed the boy to death: “This is one of the hardest things that we will ever have to say and we are about to do the hardest thing that we’ll ever have to do, which is to let our beautiful little Charlie go. The American and Italian team were still willing to treat Charlie after seeing his recent MRI and EEG perform last week, but there is one simple reason why treatment cannot now go ahead and that is time. A whole lot of time has been wasted. We are now in July and our poor boy has been left to just lie in hospital for months without any treatment whilst lengthy court battles have been fought.”

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