‘Gun Controlled’ Baltimore had 348 Homicides and 89 Arrests

According to AWR Hawkins, 348 homicides took place in Baltimore in 2019.

The police in this period only made 89 arrests.

Per a Baltimore Sun report, a similar ratio of homicides to arrests or to cases that were resolved has stayed more or less at low rates as far back as 2015. It notes, “From 2015 to 2019, a stunning 1,660 people were killed in Baltimore. Just 654 cases were solved, a five-year clearance rate of less than 40%.”

Put simply, law enforcement got to the bottom of four out of ten Baltimore homicides annually for the aforementioned, four-year period.

In 2019, 83 out of the 89 arrests made resulted in convictions.

The Sun alluded to 2014, pointing out that Baltimore “homicide detectives were taking the lead on an average of four new homicide cases per year, and had an average individual clearance rate of 46%.” However, in 2015 “they were handling eight new cases each — and their average clearance rate had dropped to 22%.”

Researchers who investigated Baltimore Police Department’s homicide division in 2016 “found no clear policies and procedures for conducting investigations.”

They also found out that “detectives did not get careful supervision to ensure critical investigative steps were being completed in every case.”

Breitbart News covered a story about 12 individuals being shot in Baltimore on January 11, 2020, alone. Five of them ended up succumbing to the gunshot wounds.

For those with short-term memory, Baltimore Mayor Jack Young was imploring residents to quit shooting each other so that more hospital beds could be available for people suffering from the Wuhan virus.

Baltimore is a failed city with incredibly corrupt and incompetent political leadership.

It doesn’t help that it is situated in a rabidly anti-gun state like Maryland — the state is ranked in 44th place according to Guns & Ammo magazine.

To say that Baltimore needs a political exorcism is an understatement.

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