Gun Controllers Attempted to Tack On Backdoor Gun Ban Into NDAA

On July 19, 2023, the Gun Owners of American sent an email calling on its members to urge their elected officials to stop the addition of a backdoor gun gan into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Senate leadership recently gave the green light to an amendment to the bill that would reauthorize the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 permanently.

In its email, GOA warned that “The vague language in this law could easily be manipulated by the Biden Administration to target guns with non-metal parts.”

By making this language an integral part of federal law, this process would result in the creation of a mechanism that the Biden regime could potentially exploit for imposing even greater gun prohibition in the near future.

The passage of an NDAA with anti-gun provisions would give Gun Control Inc. another avenue for implementing civilian disarmament measures.
GOA explained some of the more chilling facets of this backdoor gun control measure:

“You see, this backdoor gun control requires that every “major component” of every firearm MUST be able to pass through an airport x-ray in such a way that its shape is “accurately” depicted.

One of these “major components” is the “frame or receiver of the firearm” – which the Biden Administration recently attempted to redefine to mean any gun part or parts kit.”

In effect, the bill’s language does not give gun owners any protections from the Biden regime or any future administrations that are hell-bent on eviscerating the Second Amendment.

One alarming discovery GOA made after analyzing the Biden regime’s redefinition of the term “frame or receiver” was how it found that “at least 16 parts of a Glock fell within the proposed definition.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland, an unapologetic anti-Second Amendment public official, possesses vast power to determine if each of those parts legally complies with or breaks the 1988 civilian disarmament law.

In its current form, the NDAA gun control measure has to be reauthorized every few years or it will expire. This actually gives gun owners some protection in the interim.

Currently, this NDAA gun control must be reauthorized every few years or it will expire, which provides gun owners a degree of protection from anti-gunners intent on abusing its provisions.

GOA argued that the “hidden NDAA gun control” could establish the largest gun grab in American history should it be allowed to become permanent. This ban would likely encompass much more firearms than the 40,000,000 pistols with attached stabilizing braces that the Biden regime’s ATF arbitrarily prohibited earlier in 2023.

In the email, Aidan Johnston, GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs ultimately called for GOA members to add their name to a pre-written letter directed to their US House Representatives and two Senators.

When it comes to pro-gun organizations, GOA is one of few that can reliably defend the Second Amendment at all levels of government. This holds true especially when it comes to underhanded gun-grabbing measures that Congress critters try to ram through.

GOA still remains an organization that other right-wing organizations should follow.

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