Gun Controllers Use Digital Image of Deceased Parkland Student to Promote Civilian Disarmament

The image of Joaquin Oliver, one of the individuals slain in the Parkland Shooting of 2018, is now being politicized by the gun control lobby.

Oliver’s parents have set up a new initiative to increase voter activity among the youth.

For over 2 years now, Manuel and Patricia Oliver, the parents of Joaquin Oliver, have been pushing for gun control.

The Olivers joined forces with artists from “The Unfinished Votes” campaign launch film which uses artificial intelligence to produce a digital image of their son. The digital image of Joaquin Oliver calls on citizens to “finish” the vote he was never able to make.

“Every day nearly one hundred more families lose someone they love to gun violence. Every single day. We keep telling people it doesn’t have to be like this. They don’t listen. So we found a way to bring back someone that no one will ignore,” Manuel Oliver remarked at the video’s opening.

Throughout the video, the Olivers stood next to their deceased son, recruiting voters to replace the ballots of shootings by heading to

2020 would have been the first year Joaquin was eligible to vote in a presidential election.

“I’ll never get to choose the kind of world that I wanted to live in. So you’ve got to replace my vote,” Joaquin said in the video. “Vote for politicians who care more about people’s lives than the gun lobby’s money. Vote for people not getting shot, bro.”

The Olivers described the video and the production process behind it as “the most difficult experience we’ve had since we started fighting to end gun violence after our son was murdered.”

The parents are committed to fight in Joaquin’s memory.

“See Joaquin was an activist, not a victim, that is giving you great advice. He is telling you that you should vote for people that give more value to the lives of a person, then to sell guns,” commented Manuel.

Although the story of the Olivers’ family is heart-breaking, they will likely be exploited by the civilian disarmament lobby for the purposes of advancing an anti-gun agenda.

The fact remains that lax disciplinary standards established during the Obama era, coupled with how Parkland is a gun-free zone, allowed for such a tragedy to occur in the first place.

Sadly, policymakers ignored this and decided to pass red flag laws among other anti-gun legislation. The only good news in the last 2 years was how Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would allow qualified teachers to carry inside of schools, which was a good first step.

Unfortunately, the gun control crowd will ignore any sensible public security and pro-civilian empowerment measures and continue pushing for legislation that disarms the law-abiding. That’s where things are in the polarized political climate of 2020.

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