Gun-Free Zone Expansion Legislation Advances in the Delaware State House

On June 7, 2023,  the House Administration Committee held a hearing for House Bills 201 and 202, which ended up being passed that day.   This bill would increase the scope of “gun-free” zones aka criminal safe spaces in which lawful citizens can no longer defend themselves. These bills could now be voted on the full House floor. 

House Bill 201 bans the possession of firearms within 1000 feet of private and public school facilities. There are exemptions for individuals with carry permits having firearms in their vehicles and for firearms possessed on private property that are not under the umbrella of school properties, firearms used in legal sporting activities or instruction, and firearms that are in locked containers or racks in vehicles.

House Bill 202 bans the possession of firearms at polling places, which includes ballot drop off locations, from two hours prior to polls opening, to two hours after polls close on an “Election Day,” which also encompasses early voting days.

None of these legislative proposals mandate authorities to provide any security measures for defenseless citizens in these locations. For example, there will be no fences, police presence, or manned metal detectors to stop deranged criminals from flouting the law and entering these areas to terrorize law-abiding people. On top of that, these bills don’t require authorities to clearly designate these areas, which can lead to otherwise lawful citizens being unaware that they are entering a gun-free zone where they must disarm themselves. As a result, countless lawful citizens could end up being criminalized unbeknownst to them. 

Those are the many dangers of gun-free zones. They only benefit criminals hell-bent on racking up frightening kill counts, while leaving lawful individuals utterly defenseless. Such legislation is commonplace in anti-gun states such as Delaware. The state is currently ranked in 42nd place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings. 

The sad truth is that states like Delaware are likely lost causes for any meaningful restoration of gun rights. That’s the harsh reality of living in a blue state. Principled gun owners will have to look elsewhere for jurisdictions that actually respect the right to bear arms.

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