GUN GRAB: Biden Floats the Idea of Banning Glocks


 Does Joe Biden want to ban 9mm Glocks?

Second Amendment Daily News was able to uncover a video where the 2020 presidential hopeful sounded off on gun control.

In the interview, Biden stated:

You give me a nine millimeter Glock, and you have a thirty-eight revolver, I’ll kill more people quickly in here. You’d shoot as many, but I’ll kill more.

So it matters, the weapon, and its caliber, and its lethality matters. Its like you hear If they don’t get a gun, they’ll get a baseball bat or a knife or whatever.

Well, their not going to kill as many people. They won’t get to as many people”.

Biden has a long track record of voting for gun control.

In 1993, he voted for the Brady Act, which established a federal background check system.

The following year Biden voted for the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

At a recent campaign event in Nevada, Biden said “there’s a rational way to deal with the Second Amendment”, possibly suggesting that he’s in favor of tougher gun control.

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