Gun Owners of America Endorses Anthony Sabatini’s Congressional Run

In the 2022 election cycle, America First voters in Florida’s 7th congressional district have a unique opportunity in voting for Anthony Sabatini.

Sabatini is a State Representative in Florida’s 32nd district. He has served in that position since he was first elected in 2018. In that position, Sabatini has promoted pro-Second Amendment grassroots legislation such as Constitutional Carry, HB 103, and a repeal of red flag gun confiscation orders, HB 6083.

For his indefatigable efforts in promoting Second Amendment reforms, Sabatini has earned a much coveted endorsement from no compromise Second Amendment organization Gun Owners of America. 

On June 29, 2022, Sabatini made this announcement in a tweet, where he stated:  

BREAKING: @GunOwners of America has officially ENDORSED my campaign for Congress FL-7!

GOA is one of the STRONGEST no-compromise, pro-Second Amendment organizations in the country 🇺🇸  #2A

Support my #AmericaFirst campaign here👇


Since it was founded in 1976, GOA has been one of the trendsetters in the no compromise faction of the Second Amendment movement. It not only opposes new forms of gun control, but also desires to roll back gun control laws and regulations passed at the federal level over the course of the past century. 

Sabatini receiving this endorsement from GOA demonstrates that he is one of the better candidates on the Second Amendment during the 2022 election cycle. If we want genuine change on Second Amendment policy, America Firsters in Florida’s 7th congressional district would be wise to pull the lever for Sabatini on November 8, 2022. 

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