Gun Owners of America Files Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Over Mayor’s Anti-Gun Executive Order

On September 27, Mayor Jim Kenney, who is in the lame duck stage of his time in office, signed an executive order banning individuals from legally carrying a firearm at all City of Philadelphia recreational buildings.

As Gun Owners of America noted in a recent press release, that Kenney’s order clearly violates Pennsylvania’s law banning these types of local gun control schemes,

A few hours after Mayor Kenney signed this order, GOA filed a lawsuit to enjoin the implementation of this unconstitutional executive order.

“Mayor Kenney knows this executive order is pointless: law abiding gun owners aren’t the people committing the violent crime and murder in Philadelphia,” declared Dr. Val Finnell, GOA’s Pennsylvania Director. “Instead, Mayor Kenney is trying to deflect attention from his failing policies and failing City by enacting more ‘feel good’ regulations that scapegoat guns for the crisis of crime in Philadelphia. Rather than take responsibility for city policies that created two years of record homicides, Kenney is attempting to capitalize on the tragic deaths of Philadelphia residents to disarm more people and create more victim-only, ‘gun-free’ zones. All this executive order does is put a bullseye on the back of every person at Philadelphia recreational facilities, because they know that Mayor Kenney won’t let you defend yourself there.”

“The lack of respect for taxpayer money is appalling,” stated Andrew Austin, the legal counsel for GOA and the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. “Pennsylvania law is clear here: Philly is not allowed to make gun regulations. Every appellate court in Pennsylvania has made this clear multiple times. Yet, they continue to waste taxpayer money by attempting to enact these illegal laws.”

GOA plans to enjoin enforcement of Mayor Kenney’s gun control executive order in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Furthermore, GOA has filed multiple lawsuits in Philadelphia on previous occasions in the last two years. This form of legal action was taken to uphold the right to bear arms. GOA plans on continuing this fight until the Second Amendment is fully restored across the nation.

GOA is a certified heavyweight in the realm of no compromise gun lobbying. Its efforts will play a critical role in rolling back the gun control regulatory state and restoring the Second Amendment as law of the land.

As long as the lights are still on at GOA, gun owners can rest easy knowing that their rights will be protected at all times by this organization.

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