Gun Owners of America Leader Calls Out Racist Ralph Northam

Erich Pratt, the Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America, criticized Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam ‘s decision to bring gun control up in the Virginia Special session that is set to take place in July.

According to Pratt, “Northam is trying to capitalize on the shooting that took place in Virginia Beach last month to distract from his racist record.”

The Virginia Beach shooting was rather strange in that the shooter acquired all his firearms legally, but it unsurprisingly took place in another gun-free zone.

Nevertheless, the media and their political allies such as Northam don’t care. They continue pushing for these policies despite all the evidence pointing to the ineffectiveness of gun control in stopping these shootings.

Pratt highlights one of the more tragic aspects of this shooting that the media tends to ignore.

The case of Katie Nixon, a Virginia Beach municipal employee, who actually wanted to bring a gun to the municipal center for security purposes.

She decided not to bring the gun for fear of getting fired.

This proved to be a fatal decision, as Nixon was one of the 12 killed in the incident.

Pratt pointed out that “Gun bans, such as the one which prohibits city workers in Virginia Beach from carrying guns, are not a deterrent to criminals.”

He notes that these laws “only deter honest, hard-working employees like Mrs. Nixon who don’t want to lose their jobs or go to jail.”

The Senior Vice President of GOA mentions how the murderer passed a government background check, which did nothing to prevent him from carrying out the massacre.

Many skeptics argued that Nixon likely would not have been effective in stopping the perpetrator, but Pratt points to several examples of individuals using firearms to stop shootings.

  • California mom, fearing for the safety of herself and her children, shot a hammer-wielding intruder in her home.
  • Florida woman held a home invader at gun-point for 26 minutes while waiting for the police to arrive.
  • And an Ohio mom shot a home intruder while her children slept upstairs.

Thanks to having access to firearms, these women were able to defend themselves. But as Pratt points out, “Kate Nixon was prevented the chance.”

Pratt then referenced a previous shooting that took place at a Maryland newspaper plant last June.

A former employee entered the Capital Gazette and ended up murdering five employees.

Like the Virginia Beach massacre, gun control was unable to prevent this shooting.

Several inconvenient facts were highlighted:

  • The Capital Gazette killer passed a background check.
  • He bypassed the state’s “evil assault weapons” ban by using a commonly-owned shotgun.
  • And the state’s “red flag” law, imposing gun-confiscation orders, completely failed to disarm this killer, even while all his potential victims were disarmed by law.

It also doesn’t  help that Maryland’s “may issue” concealed carry law prohibits a large number of law-abiding citizens from becoming licensed firearms carriers.

That’s because Maryland’s “may issue” concealed carry law makes it extremely difficult for average citizens to become licensed firearms carriers.

Interestingly, Pratt pointed out that “The same day that Kate Nixon was murdered, the Milwaukee media was reporting how a Wisconsin woman used her concealed carry firearm to shoot a larger, more powerful male who assaulted her with a club.”

These cases are often ignored by Northam and many pundits clamoring for gun control.

Armed civilians are more than capable of stopping criminals.

Even with Republican control of the legislative branches of the Virginia General Assembly, Virginia gun owners will definitely have their hands full in the upcoming special session.

Our sacred rights have to be defended at all times.

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