Gun Owners of America Obtains a Permanent Injunction Against Philadelphia Mayor’s Civilian Disarmament Order

On October 3, 2022,  Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas was able to permanently enjoin the city from carrying out an order that prohibited citizens from legally carrying at city parks and recreational facilities.  This injunction came after no compromise gun lobby Gun Owners of America and several of its members in Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against Mayor Jim Kenney after he signed an unconstitutional Executive Order enacting this prohibition this past week. 

“The law in Pennsylvania couldn’t be clearer. No municipality – including Philadelphia – may regulate the lawful possession of firearms in any manner,” stated Andrew Austin, the legal counsel for GOA and the Plaintiffs. “Obviously, the City doesn’t care about that law or the concrete legal precedent affirming it, and since there are no consequences for them, they will continue to try to ram through illegal rules to the detriment of their own citizens. However, we’re grateful that the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas was willing to act so quickly to prohibit the mayor’s illegal action.

“All of the anti-gun municipalities across the Commonwealth need to understand the message from this case: Gun Owners of America will not tolerate illegal bans, prohibitions, or restrictions on the Second Amendment in violation of Pennsylavania law. We stopped Mayor Kenney in less than a week, and we will do the same to you,” stated Dr. Val Finnell, Pennsylvania Director of GOA. “However, the fact there are no consequences for these illegal actions by local politicians clearly demonstrates the need to add teeth to Pennsylvania’s preemption statute, through the very type of legislation like we saw vetoed last year by Governor Wolf (HB 979). When municipalities like Philadelphia violate the law, they should pay attorney’s fees and damages,” added Finnell.

The City of Philadelphia is supposed to appeal the Judge’s order, which bleeds Philadelphia taxpayer’s dry as they try to impose a civilian disarmament scheme on lawful residents. 

In this instance, GOA has demonstrated its no compromise prowess. Since its founding in 1976, GOA has been a pillar of principled Second Amendment activism. When establishment gun lobbies drop the ball, GOA is willing to step in and make Gun Control Inc. sweat.

We’re going to need more gun lobbies like GOA if we want to fully restore Second Amendment rights in America. It’s the loudest and most vicious organizations who ultimately move the needle in politics. GOA fits that bill to a T.

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