Gun Owners of America Praises Group of Republican Congressman for Defending Veterans’ Gun Rights

Gun Owners of America (GOA) Director of Federal Affairs Aidan Johnston issued a statement praising 21 members of Congress for their support of GOA’s petition to eliminate the VA’s Fiduciary Rule.

Johnston issued the following statement:

Yesterday, 21 Members of Congress led by Representative Andy Biggs wrote a letter to the President urging him to take action to eliminate the VA Fiduciary Rule, which has arbitrarily disarmed over 250,000 of our nation’s veterans.

After Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners Foundation, and the Independence Fund submitted our petition for rulemaking to the Department of Veterans Affairs, we received overwhelming support from public officials.

GOA praised congressmen such as Chip Roy and Phil Roe for championing veterans’ Second Amendment rights:

We were grateful to see leaders like Representative Chip Roy and Dr. Phil Roe write their letter to POTUS last week in defense of veterans’ rights.

The no compromise gun organization also thanked congressman Joe Biggs for his efforts to bring this petition to President Donald Trump’s attention.

GOA is equally thankful for the support expressed by Representative Biggs and his 20 Republican colleagues who urged President Trump to take up our petition for rulemaking.

GOA concluded by calling on the Trump administration to follow through with the abolition of this unconstitutional VA rule in order to protect the Second Amendment rights of America’s veterans:

We hope to see the Trump Administration take this first step towards eliminating the VA fiduciary rule, restoring the rights of these veterans post haste, and ending this dark chapter of Second Amendment history.

Unlike many establishment gun lobbies, GOA can always be counted on to defend gun rights in the face of the most subtle gun grabs.

Some of the biggest threats to gun rights don’t just come from gun control laws, but from unaccountable bureaucracies that work behind the scenes to implement freedom-killing measures.


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