Gun Owners of America Reveals Its List of Endorsement in Texas

Texans will soon be pulling the lever for a slew of candidates at all levels of government during election on November 3, 2020.

Issues such as gun policy will be on the top of voters’ minds. Groups such as the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety have already dropped $8 million in hopes of flipping the Texas House.

What used to be a safe Republican state, is now looking more like a battleground state. The Left recognize that and the Right must respond accordingly. Some groups such as Gun Owners of America (GOA) have gotten the memo and are beginning to fight back.

Part of their strategy is to inform voters about candidate’s pro-gun records to know who is on their side and who is on the gun controllers’ payroll. GOA released a list of candidates it endorsed for the 2020 elections In addition, it published Texas congressional ratings, assessed the pro-Second Amendment credentials of U.S. congressional candidates.

GOA is America’s oldest no-comprise gun lobby. Since its founding in 1976, GOA has called for a total repeal of unconstitutional gun control legislation at the federal level and has taken on state level fights such as passing Constitutional Carry

GOA’s ratings of congressional candidates can be read here. Further, the list of statewide endorsements can be viewed below:

Texas Senate

SD 1 – Bryan Hughes
SD 4 – Brandon Creighton
SD 24 – Dawn Buckingham
SD 29 – Bethany Hatch

Texas House

HD 2 – Bryan Slaton
HD 5 – Cole Hefner
HD 6 – Matt Schaefer
HD 15 – Steve Toth
HD 23 – Mayes Middleton
HD 26 – Jacey Jetton
HD 45 – Carrie Isaac
HD 59 – Shelby Slawson
HD 73 – Kyle Biedermann
HD 92 – Jeff Cason
HD 93 – Matt Krause
HD 94 – Tony Tinderholt
HD 105 – Gerson Hernandez
HD 106 – Jared Patterson
HD 128 – Briscoe Cain
HD 130 – Tom Oliverson
HD 132 – Mike Schofield
HD 138 – Lacey Hull
HD 148 – Luis LaRotta


CD 1 – Louie Gohmert
CD 3 – Van Taylor
CD 7 – Wesley Hunt
CD 13 – Ronny Jackson
CD 14 – Randy Weber
CD 16 – Irene Jackson
CD 20 – Mauro Garza
CD 21 – Chip Roy
CD 24 – Beth Van Duyne
CD 27 – Michael Cloud
CD 28 – Sandra Whitten
CD 32 – Genevieve Collins


Chief Justice, Third Court of Appeals – Jeff Rose
431st District Court Judge – Jim Johnson


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