Gun Owners of America Rips Apart Lindsey Graham’s New Gun Control Scheme

Michael Hammond, the legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America, took Senator Lindsey Graham to task in a recent article for the Daily Caller.

Hammond declared that Graham “arrived with the year’s nuttiest idea: To make the GOP the party of gun confiscation and, in the process, jettison the Second Amendment movement from the Republican coalition.”

In this case, Hammond is referring to Graham’s plan to move red flag gun confiscation in the U.S. Senate.

According to Hammond, “To this end, Graham has scheduled a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on March 26 to consider legislation to confiscate large numbers of guns with no notice and no due process whatsoever.”

Over the past year and a half, two red flag bills have been introduced. The first version was introduced by Senator Graham and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Hammond provided some details about this bill:

Blumenthal-Graham would create a federal gun confiscation program whereby any police or an angry “ex” can petition for a secret court hearing to strip a gun owner of his Second, Fourth, Fifth, and 14th Amendment rights.

When only the accuser is in the room, a judge will normally sign anything that is put before him.  In an analogous situation in New Mexico, for instance, a housewife obtained a restraining order against David Letterman for sending her coded messages over her TV set.

And the bill only gets uglier:

Under Blumenthal-Graham, the first thing a gun owner would learn of the proceedings is when the police showed up at his door in the middle of the night, ready to ransack his home and, if he resisted, to arrest or kill him.

Hammond’s fears are not without substance when we look at the infamous Maryland shooting:

In Ferndale, Maryland, a 60-year-old man was shot to death by police serving a “red flag order” at 5:17 a.m.  It turned out that the complainant was a non-immediate relative seeking to punish the gun owner after an argument they had.

In addition to Blumenthal-Graham, there are alternatives —S.7 and s. 506—which fund states that have red flag gun confiscation laws in place.

There are 14 states with red flag laws present, with Florida and Indiana as the pro-gun exceptions to this list of red flag states.

In essence, S.7 and S,506 would effectively have Republican, pro-Second Amendment states subsidizing rabidly, anti-gun states to enforce their gun confiscation ordinances.

Although a red flag gun confiscation bill is no laughing matter, Hammond highlights one of the most farcical aspects of the bill:

S.7 has some comic aspects to it. For instance, any “individual related by blood” to the gun owner could bring a suit.

Hence, although Elizabeth Warren may be only 1/1024 Indian, any Cherokee could bring an action to strip her of her guns (assuming she had any). If Michael Bloomberg could go to and prove he was related to you, he could take your guns away.

It seems like the red flag gun confiscation movement that has made waves at the state level is now poised to make a splash at the federal level.

Gun owners must remember that threats to their gun rights don’t just come from Democrats, but also conniving Republicans in the party establishment.

Lindsey Graham happens to be one of those spineless Republicans, and gun owners must recognize that he is no friend of the Second Amendment.

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