Gun Rights Group Meets with White House Staff to Warn Trump About Gun Confiscation Bill

In an email directed to their members, the American Firearms Coalition reported that they met with members of White House legislative staff to voice concerns about “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation.

They informed the White House staffers that “red flag” laws are a “a danger to gun owners and the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, but also a political danger to the President in 2020, who made disturbing comments about this subject in the days after last year’s Parkland shooting.”

The no compromise gun rights group left the meeting urging White House staff to pass their letter to President.

AFC promises to deliver 100,000 petitions against “red flags” to the White House in the upcoming weeks.

Read the petition here.

The gun rights group claims that while they were in meetings with White House staff, “the National Rifle Association was working overtime on Capitol Hill to cut a deal on this issue.”

According to AFC and their sources in DC, “Senator Lindsey Graham and anti-gun radical Senator Dick Blumenthal of Connecticut are doing everything they can to present a “bipartisan” piece of legislation that the President could sign.”

They also highlighted how Senator Marco Rubio’s “Red Flag Gun Seizure” bill “was draconian to say the least.”

Going back to the Graham-Blumenthal bill, AFC claims that this red flag iteration would “pay states tens of millions of your taxpayer dollars if they pass “Red Flag Gun Seizure” bills in their respective states.”

In the no compromise group’s view, “red flag” legislation is unacceptable. They argue that “if we gun owners give an inch on this, one day the anti-gunners on Capitol Hill will take an entire mile, leaving our Second Amendment rights on the chopping block of a liberal judge.”

AFC plans on unleashing a massive petition campaign against this bill and will also visit White House staff again to reiterate their opposition.

Red flag laws allow judges to confiscate an individual’s guns for simply being perceived as a “threat”, in complete disregard to due process.

During the last year, red flag laws have been enacted in states like Colorado and Florida.

Red flag laws have considerable bipartisan support.

As mentioned before, even Republicans like Lindsey Graham are drafting their own red flag legislation which has drawn criticism from other gun groups like Gun Owners of America.

With a divided congress, most gun control legislation will have a hard time moving forward.

However, red flags may have found a new home in Washington, D.C.



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