Gun Rights Group Targets Trump’s ‘Anti-Gun’ ATF Pick

In a national email, the National Association for Gun Rights announced that the Trump administration just made an anti-gunner the next ATF Director.

Chuck Canterbury is the presumptive nominee at the ATF based on an announcement made on Friday.

According to the NAGR President Dudley Brown, Canterbury has a “long history of publicly supporting and endorsing anti-gun policies, anti-gun Supreme Court nominees, and anti-gun high ranking government officials.”

As President of the National Fraternal Order of Police, Canterbury has supported anti-gun Supreme Court Justices like Sonia Sotomayor and former Attorney General Eric Holder, who ran the notorious Fast and Furious gun running program.

On top of that, Canterbury supported the expansion of the federal government’s gun registration schemes.

Brown reported that Canterbury’s FOP is “currently lobbying AGAINST Constitutional Carry, even though the vast majority of law enforcement officers support the right to carry.”

In Brown’s view, this is “troubling news.”

Ultimately the no compromise leader called for an ATF Director “who wants to tear down gun control, not expand it.”

Brown then promised to keep NAGR members informed of everything that goes on during this process.

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