Gun Sales Are Still Booming

2020 has been a record year for gun sales. Even when Democrats are foaming at the mouth about passing gun control, countless Americans are sticking it to them by rushing to their local gun stores.

That said, there has been a bit of a slowdown for the month of September. Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms noted that in September fewer than 3 million background checks were processed by the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System. Even with these numbers in mind, September 2020 still proved to be the September with the highest number of background checks conducted in the system’s 22-year existence..

From September of 2019 to September of 2020, gun sales went from 2,207,312 to 2,892,115. Per The Trace’s estimates, 1.92 million firearm sales were made which include 780,000 long guns (rifles and shotguns) and 1,210,000 handguns. The Trace reported that the state which experienced the biggest increase in gun sales between August and September during 2020 was New Jersey. In the Garden State, NICS numbers increased by 30 percent.

The yearly comparison between September of 2019 and September 2020, was quite astounding. NICS background checks increased by over 400 percent in Delaware and Washington D.C. Similarly, in September of 2020, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Utah experienced increases in NICS checks by over 100 percent compared to September of 2019.

According to estimates by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 40 percent of firearm sales in 2020 have been to first-time gun buyers. In other words, from January to August over 5,000,000 Americans purchased firearms for the first time.

Americans are getting strapped. And we shouldn’t blame them. Cities across the nation are going up in flames and law enforcement has been largely told to stand down.

The Trump campaign and other conservative activists should not sleep on this new segment of gun owners. They could serve as potential voters and future foot soldiers for nationalist causes in election cycles beyond 2020.

Times of crisis often present great opportunities for growth.

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