Gun Sales Continue to Skyrocket Admist Coronavirus Pandemic

Gun sales are continuing to skyrocket in the midst of the national Chinese coronavirus, with April sales up more than 70% over the previous year. March had set an all-time record for transfers of firearms in the United States, easily smashing the previous record holder on the back of a coronavirus gun buy surge.

Firearms transfer records suggest that an estimated 1,797,910 guns were sold in the month of April, a whopping 71.3% increase on April 2019. March had seen a massive 2,583,238 gun sales, up over 85% on the previous year.

The data on gun transfers is gauged by Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting, a firearms industry data group. Mark Olivia, a spokesman for the group, said the previous month represented the “strongest April on record” in a statement provided to Fox News.

This shows us there is continued appetite among Americans to be able to provide for their own safety during times of uncertainty. These are buyers who have witnessed their governments empty prisons… Police departments are stretched beyond capacity in many cases. Law-abiding Americans recognize this and exercising their right to own a gun and defend themselves and their loved ones.

Rogue municipal federal and state governments tried and mostly failed in efforts to shut down lawful firearms retailers, which they had sought to label as non-essential businesses. Guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security recommending they recognize gun stores as essential put states such as New Jersey in a position where they couldn’t keep the institutions closed.

The coronavirus recession has proven to be a blight to the fates of many American industries and businesses, but data continues to suggest the American demand for guns is keeping the firearms industry not only alive, but thriving.

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