Gun Sales Increase in Florida Gun Shop After Hamas Attack on Israel

After Hamas launched its terrorist attack against Israel, gun stores in Florida are witnessing an uptick in gun and ammunition sales, above all in the Jewish community.

Per a WPLG report,  Hollywood, Florida, gun store owner David Kowalsky noted guns and ammo are flying off the store shelves.

Kowalsky highlighted that the bulk of customers consist of “Israeli and Orthodox Jews for the most part.“

He continued, “[They are] just wanting to be trained to protect their families and have a firearm at home or on their person. Since last Saturday, we have seen a tremendous public display of how prevalent anti-Semitism is and hate speech and how they want to rid the world of Jews.”

With instability becoming the norm at all levels of society worldwide, it just makes simple sense that people start arming themselves. After all, some of the most reliable responders in times of crisis are armed lawful individuals.  The breakdown in people’s overall trust of public institutions has prompted them to no longer rely on law enforcement and traditional public security services for protection.

No matter the context, armed lawful individuals are some of the best guarantors of security. When one is disarmed, they are then at mercy of criminals and predatory governments.That’s one power dynamic no person, irrespective of their creed, socio-economic background, or race, should ever want to be subjected to.

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