Gun Store Claims Sales are Booming After North Carolina Pistol Permit Requirement is Repealed

Since the North Carolina state government passed Senate Bill 41, which repealed the requirement for individuals to possess a permit to buy a handgun, one gun store has experienced a surge in gun sales.  

Fuquay Gun & Gold gun store owner Clay Ausley claims his store’s business activity has been, “Wide open. Busy like Christmas.”

According to his estimates, the store has experienced a 250% increase in business during the month of April, which is usually a slow month for his store and  the broader industry.

He believes the passage of SB41 will continue to make his business boom.

“If I had to gamble,” Ausley stated, “I would say when we get to the end of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t wind up 75%-100% increase this year over last year on handgun sales.”

Before the passage of this law, North Carolinians who did not have a concealed carry permit would have to go to a sheriff’s office and apply for a pistol purchase permit if they wanted to purchase a handgun.

Getting rid of this antiquated form of gun control will go a long way in improving North Carolina’s pro-gun profile. It is currently ranked in xxx place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners’ rankings.

By passing this measure and potentially passing Constitutional Carry, will move in a much more pro-gun direction. An ostensibly Republican state like North Carolina can’t afford to be lagging behind on these issues.

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