Gunmen Kill Woman and Wound 7 People in Seattle Shooting

Several gunmen engaged in a violent shootout outside of a McDonald’s in downtown Seattle on Wednesday 23, 2020.

They ended up killing one person and wounded seven others, which included a 9-year-old, according to police reports.

Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins confirmed that authorities started to receive calls about multiple gunshot victims at around 5 p.m.

Fire and medical personnel discovered one person dead and immediately took five others to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, the chief recounted. The person who was found dead was a woman approximately 40 to 50 years old, fire officials informed CBS affiliate KIRO-TV.

Reports indicated that this incident was a street shootout.

“People pulled out guns, shots rang out, people ran in various directions,” Police Chief Carmen Best stated.

Police caught one suspect, who was wounded during the shootout, and were on the hunt for two others, authorities reported Thursday.

Gang unit detectives reviewed security footage recorded at the scene, in front of a McDonald’s near 3rd Avenue and Pine Street. In that video, they found a known felon, police said.

“They recognized one of the subjects who was in front of that McDonald’s as a person they’d had contact with previously,” Best told reporters on Thursday. “They know him as a felon and they knew he could not be in possession of a firearm which he had in his hand in the video.”

Best reported that the wounded suspect was arrested at Harborview Medical Center for illegally possessing weapons.

Police continued pursuing two other suspects on Thursday afternoon.

The suspects were identified as two African American males—Marquise Latrelle Tolbert and William Ray Tolliver, who are both 24.

According to Best, one of the two suspects has been arrested at least 50 times, while the other has 25 arrests on his record

Based on video footage from the scene of the shootout, multiple people fired weapons after a dispute occurred outside of a McDonald’s.

Many people will likely scream for gun control but ignore how at least one of the shooters possessed a firearm illegally.

Criminals will always find ways to get guns, but for the law-abiding, gun control laws are a way to undermine gun ownership for an otherwise peaceful population.