GUTFELD: COVID Is ‘Man-made’ And Nobody Will ‘Hang’ For It

Will those who exploited, seemingly planned for, and possibly even helped cause the coronavirus pandemic ever be held accountable for their actions? In a recent episode of “The Five,” Fox New’s Greg Gutfeld shared his views that although he believes that the Covid-19 virus came from a lab, he sees no scenario in which those “complicit” in its creation will ever be healed accountable.

The Thursday discussion featured Gutfeld and other panelists discussing the harm brought upon children and elderly alike as a direct result of the Covid-19 lockdowns.

“It’s important to remember as this gets pushed out of the news cycle and Americans try to move on, who did this to these kids, why their futures were stolen, why people in nursing homes had to die alone. It’s because of the Chinese Communist Party,” argued guest host Katie Pavlich. “It’s because of the CDC, and the education and mental health crisis is a result of the teachers’ unions who used this opportunity to extort American taxpayers to get tons of funding.”

“The CDC worked with teachers unions to come up with policies to continue to keep kids masked, to continue to keep schools closed,” said Pavlich, also pointing out that it was known the virus was not a major threat to young children from the very beginning, “but the federal government and Anthony Fauci got a taste of power and continued to do it to kids for two years.”

“So they are completely responsible and they should be reminded that they are the ones who did this to the country,” she passionately stated.

Gutfeld then weighed in with his disbelief about the lack of accountability for the destruction and carnage caused by the arguably unconstitutional Covid-19 lockdowns.

“Just to follow up on the idea of responsibility, it still boggles the mind that we’ve come to the conclusion that, I think, this was a man-made virus, and no one’s going to hang for that,” he said. “I keep going back to that.”

“If this were a war that killed a million Americans, what would we be doing?” Gutfeld asked. “And I’m saying that as like, the United States might have been complicit in this. This gain of function stuff didn’t just pop up by itself.”

Big League Politics has covered many strange occurrences during and before the pandemic that the mainstream media refuses to speak about.  One resurfaced clip from October 2019, months before the coronavirus pandemic, showed disgraced NIH director Anthony Fauci and other HHS officials discussing how a new virus from China could be used to potentially force a new type of a universal mRNA-related vaccine on the human population.

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