H1N1: Obama WAITED MONTHS To Open Up National Emergency Funds, Trump Waits Just Days on Wuhan Virus

As liberals seethe over what they claim is a lacking response to the Chinese coronavirus from President Donald Trump’s administration, it’s worth nothing that previous health epidemics in the United States have been met with a far more lenient response, even after they infected far more Americans.

President Barack Obama only designated the 2009 swine flu, or H1N1, a national emergency months after the WHO declared the disease a global pandemic in June.

Reliable liberal “fact-checking” groups such as Snopes have sought to debunk what they falsely claim are erroneous statements on the part of President Trump, who has pointed to the 2009 Swine Flu response as a “disaster.” But they simply ignore that a true national emergency has been declared only weeks after the first American coronavirus diagnosis.

President Obama only declared a swine flu national emergency months after the disease had infected a million people in the United States.

Obama’s national emergency was declared in October 2009. This was six months after the Department of Health and Human Services designated it as an “emergency” in April 2009. The World Health Organization declared it a global emergency in June, four months before Obama’s national emergency.

A million Americans alone had already been stricken with the Swine flu months before the national emergency. Swine flu had caused 87 deaths by June. As of Friday, the Center for Disease Control’s latest figures indicate that Chinese coronavirus has caused 41 deaths- less than half of what swine flu inflicted, all without the national emergency declaration President Trump has enacted.

President Trump declared a coronavirus national emergency the same week the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic.

If there’s a President who truly dropped the ball when it came to a pandemic disease, it’s likely Trump’s predecessor.

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