HAHA: Don Lemon Removed From CNN Primetime, Placed In Mornings

Don Lemon.

Is CNN undergoing a radical transformation? Many things are changing at the partisan “news” outlet as of late, including the replacement of Jeff Zucker with now-CEO Chris Licht, the firing of Brian Stelter, and now the shifting Don Lemon out of the primetime news slot.

The announcement came Thursday, with Lemon slated to replace a failing program, “New Day.”

Lemon will co-host the new morning program with poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, per Fox News.

This recent development leaves the network very short on primetime slots; the “Cuomo Prime Time” show has still not found a replacement since host Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN after he allegedly helped his brother Andrew cover up numerous accusations of sexual harassment.

Additionally, CNN figure Jeffrey Toobin, who was infamously suspended from the network for masturbating during a zoom call, has been pushed out after the network previously allowed him to reappear.

Litch reportedly stressed that he wants to revamp CNN’s image by having the network engage “in respectful interviews that don’t feel like PR stunts,” and make “programming decisions that are focused on nuance, not noise.”

CNN’s Don Lemon has been the subject of controversy numerous times in the past, notably drawing a lot of public attention after famous podcaster, comedian, and MMA junkie Joe Rogan called him a “dumb mother f*****” in response to lies he repeatedly stated about Rogan using a “horse dewormer” in order to treat a Covid-19 infection. Rogan had been treating himself with ivermectin, which has been found to be potentially effective in treating Covid-19 and has been safely administered to humans billions of times in the past.

“This was the lie- he goes, ‘It’s not a lie to say it’s also used as horse medicine.’ But that’s not what you said,” said Michael Malice, who appeared as a guest on Rogan’s podcast. “You didn’t you say ‘this drug, which also is used for horses.’ Of what relevance is that?”

(Fox News)

“It doesn’t have any relevance,” answered Rogan. “It’s exactly what you’re talking about with penicillin and with a gigantic number of medicines that also have veterinary applications. But by doing that, you just, you just proved my point. They don’t even understand what they just did. You think no one’s, like, it’s going to end with you? Because it used to be that way. They would say something and no one would have recourse. But when you’re saying something, and then the person you’re saying it about has literally tens times the audience you do, you dumb motherf*****. Do you know what you did? You just proved my point.”

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