HAHA: Russell Brand ROASTS CNN’s ‘Potato Head’ Brian Stelter

A viral clip of comedian Russell Brand doing a humorous Brian Stelter impersonation is making the rounds on social media. Brand’s jokes directed against Stelter were meant to emphasize the underlying feelings of jealousy that establishment media has about podcaster Joe Rogan’s career success.

The clip came from a Thursday video uploaded to Brand’s official YouTube channel. 

A video uploaded to Rumble shows Stelter, also called ‘Mr. Potato Head’ in some circles, speaking on CNN followed by Brand using a silly voice to imitate the infamous overweight news anchor.

“Which sounds great, but not all opinions are created equal,” Stelter said.

“Now listen here, Sonny Jim. You’re not only not making people not trust you; you’re making them not trust me,” Brand stated.

“…Who just wing it. Who make it up as they go along, and because figures like Rogan are trusted by people who don’t trust real newsrooms…” Stelter said.

“Why don’t people trust me? They trust Rogan, but I’m perfectly trustworthy. Look how loose my tie-knot is. Joe Rogan is irresponsible! He took horse-maggot medicine! The other day. Now tell me sir! And don’t tell me anything other than this: should there be a war? ‘Yes there should be a war,'” Brand mocked.

Brand crumpled his papers and said: “Interview’s done! I’d like to see you do that, Joe Rogan!”

CNN has a long and proven track record of lying to the American people, notably misleading viewers last year into believing that Joe Rogan was using a “horse dewormer” in order to self-treat a Covid-19 infection when he was, in reality, using a human-approved dose of ivermectin. “I can afford people medicine, motherf***er. This is ridiculous. It’s just a lie,” Rogan told CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta at the time.

Russell Brand’s YouTube channel touches on a variety of social and political issues. Big League Politics has covered content by the former actor before including a segment pertaining to “The Great Resignation” undergoing in the United States.

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