Half of British TV Viewers Believe Minorities are Over-Represented on TV

According to a poll released in early March by YouGov, non-white minorities and LGBT individuals are over-represented on television per nearly half of viewers 

This poll came during a time when there has been a concerted campaign to “diversify” the casts of popular television programs. 

About 45% of British viewers observed that there are more non-white minorities on television than in the population, per the summary of the YouGov poll published by The Times on February 28, 2023. Just 26% believed that non-white minorities were under-represented.

Similarly, 44%, indicated that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals are over-represented on TV. 

YouGov conducted the same poll in Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates and discovered that viewers in all of these countries were more likely to indicate that both groups were under-represented on TV.  

Indeed, TV viewers of traditionally white European nations should have every reason to be annoyed by the prevalence of non-white minorities in entertainment. To be sure, there is talented non-white talent. However, there has been a recent push to shoehorn as many non-white characters into TV roles as possible. All to advance a woke agenda that is part of a broader campaign to undermine the historical culture of Western nations. Right-wingers need to start boycotting this programming and start creating a parallel culture that promotes good story-telling, compelling characters, and positive aesthetics. 

We cannot sit idly and let the Left shape general culture.

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