HAMAS Court Sentences 6 Gazans To Death For “Collaborating” With Israel

This week, thirteen Palestinians were sentenced after they were convicted of ‘collaborating’ with Israel through a ” communications and eavesdropping device planted by the Israelis”.

Five of the thirteen convicted have been sentenced to death by hanging and one by firing squad.

During a press conference, Hamas Interior Minister Iyad al-Bazm said security services foiled a planned Israeli operation in Gaza. “This is a clear message to the agents and collaborators of the occupation. You cannot escape your fate… the security services will continue to work to protect our people from the dangers of the occupation,” he said.

Following news of the death sentences, the verdicts have received condemnation from the Human Rights Watch. Despite the outrage over HAMAS’s decision to execute six people, the United Nations rejected a US-sponsored resolution that condemned Hamas. While 87 countries voted in favor of the measure, it was not enough to meet the two-thirds vote required for the measure’s passage.

The rulings come weeks after eight people were killed on November 11 when an Israeli army cell was uncovered  in Gaza, which resulted in Hamas, a designated Islamic terrorist organization, firing hundreds of rockets into Israel.

According to Hamas officials, the defendants used cell phones, social media and coordinated drop sites to disclose security information to Israeli agents in Gaza.

While the United Sates recognizes HAMAS as a designated Islamic terrorist organization which encourages and rewards Palestinians who murder innocent Jews and Israelis, both Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the two first Muslim women recently elected to Congress, both refused to condemn Hamas when they were asked to do so on camera.

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7yFmSwspFM&t=46s

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